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Rest Easy Greeneville/Greene County

Scouting Project Returns Benches to Downtown

Thank you, Andrew Hay, for all the hard work you and your team put forth in repairing and rebuilding what looked like just pieces parts of nothing into 21 viable benches to be placed downtown. Over the years as the benches became damaged and unsafe, they were pulled from the streets and set aside until “the day” they could receive the TLC needed to get them back into commission. Needing an Eagle Scout project Andrew contacted Main Street: Greeneville to see if there was something that he could do to fulfill that requirement. Learning about the benches he decided that was what he wanted to focus on. Andrew led a team of family, friends, and scouts, several from his Troop 92, on the mission to give back to the community and refurbish what he could. The project was larger than expected but Andrew and his team spent in excess of 184-man hours as they scraped the metal, measured and cut wood, sanded and painted all the benches. Not an easy task as they dealt with multiple bench designs and shapes.

When asked by Main Street: Greeneville Executive Director, Jann Mirkov what he learned from the project Andrew said the following: “Looking back, I realize the lengths I have gone to, and strides I have taken to stand where I do today. Throughout my scouting career, which unofficially started when my brother joined the Cub Scouts five years ahead of me, I have learned many valuable skills and mindsets that have left me to become the person I am today, but overall, being a scout has taught me to be a good leader and friend, to help and respect others at all times, and to be a valuable and useful member of society.”

He continued to say “These past few weeks have really tested everything scouts and my parents have taught me through life. I struggled to lead people, and to be helpful to others. However, I was able to fight through it and with the help of friends and family I was able to persevere and finish the project. Ultimately, Scouts is a great place to grow and learn as a person and will teach you to stay afloat and to keep trying no matter what.”

Job well done, Andrew. Your community thanks you.

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