Brandon Rohr Performs at Lyrics on the Lawn July 18

May 23 - July 18, 2019
Brandon Rohr Performs at Lyrics on the Lawn July 18

Brandon Rohr is from Cedar Creek, a small mountain community just outside of Greeneville, Tennessee just on the North Carolina border. Life was, and still is, simple there. Most of everything that has inspired Brandon’s songwriting evolved from growing up and living in Cedar Creek. He remembers a family home that was filled with love, guidance, and moral direction. Being from the country, Brandon’s days were filled with school, sports, fishing the rivers and creeks, and the smell of tobacco growing in the field. He paints a pretty cool picture of what life was like for him back then in his song “Long Ago” (“I was raised in a small town down a country back road/ growing up it was Saturday night on the front porch with the radio / Daddy’d tune in a local country show while Mama put supper on the stove”).

“I would say I’m an average 40-hour work week, working for the weekend to hang out with my friends kind of guy. Raised to believe in the value of hard work and that nothing in this world is ever given. I’d like to think my life revolves around those values and that they are displayed through my actions for the most part.” -BR

“In short, it was sports 24/7 for me, but when there wasn’t a game or practice, there were plenty of chores to be done as well. When that was all finished, I was pretty much in the driveway shooting basketball and dreaming of being in the NBA someday.”-BR

On Saturday nights in the summer, he and his family and friends sat on the front porch listening to the radio and seeing who could name the next song and artist first. He says, “Everything was a competition and still is!” Then he laughs as if he’d just won another one.

In fact, competitive sport was Brandon’s entire life until he graduated high school. Like so many before him and since, graduation was the moment he realized sports were not going to be in his future. He had taken 2 or 3 guitar lessons when he was a kid, maybe 7 or 8 years old, but he says ’it didn’t stick then’. So, he officially picked the guitar back up in March of 2005, the day after his high school basketball career was over. Brandon learned to play and started carrying his guitar out to all the bonfires and parties where he hung out, playing for his friends. It was then he got the idea to take his music to the bars and try to make money with it.

It was in December of 2017 while Brandon was playing at a small club in Greeneville that his simple plan to make some money in the bars changed. He played a song he had written earlier that month called “Get Lost,” a song he’d written in 10 minutes, about how he’d spent a whole bunch of Friday and Saturday nights over the past decade or so sitting around bonfires listening to country music with all his friends. After the show, Greeneville attorney Robert L. Foster approached Brandon and told him he absolutely loved the song and that they were taking it to Nashville because it was a hit! “I said ‘sounds great’ but mostly I was thinking he was full of shit. Then, low and behold, April 2018 he had me and the song in a studio in Nashville with producer Buddy Hyatt.”

For now, Brandon still has his day job, Monday through Friday, 8-5, working in purchasing at Jarden Zinc, one of the world’s leading coin blank manufacturers with more than 300 billion coin blanks made and released into circulation in more than 20 countries around the globe. But once he leaves work, it’s home to his dog and his girlfriend for the night. They usually cook dinner and watch TV but weekends are a different story. Then, his whole day revolves around making sure everything is ready for the evening’s performance, and if you’ve ever watched a Brandon Rohr performance the only thing that differs between him and his musical hero, Garth Brooks, is being suspended from the ceiling, flying across the stadium singing Ain’t Going Down, Till the Sun Comes Up!

“Get Lost” is recorded, mixed, and mastered and is being released to radio as the first single in April 2019. His label, Cedar Creek Records. has recorded 10 songs and is pressing CDs now to be sold at live shows with a digital offering available during the Summer of 2019. They are anticipating that Brandon will soon be in circulation in more than 20 countries around the world! But for now, he’ll settle for the United States. And very soon his friends will be calling DJs requesting his new single, and chances are they’re not gonna ‘Get Lost’ until Brandon Rohr is flying from the rafters!

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