Beth Snapp to Play Lyrics July 18

May 23 - July 18, 2019
Beth Snapp to Play Lyrics July 18

Beth Snapp

Beth Snapp’s egress into one of East Tennessee’s most gifted and respected singer-songwriters is a metamorphosis of triumph, played out over a trifecta of pristine, confessional studio releases that chronicle her journey of self-actualization with the warm reassurance of a wise confidante.

Her latest, an EP entitled Don’t Apologize, is the culmination of years of growth both personally and as an artist. As the title would suggest, it’s about picking up the mess, cutting losses, and living life on her own terms. The EP’s has risen thus far to #9 on the Folk Alliance charts within the first weeks of play, and "Easy to Love" was featured on Sirius XM's Bluegrass Junction. Beth has also been featured on No Depression as well as DittyTV.

“To me, this EP is a continuation of a journey. My second project was largely an account of just coming out of a storm. I had survived, I knew things were going to get better, but there was some healing and processing to be done. As time passed, and I did the work to heal, I emerged into a new place. I realized that surviving the storm wasn’t enough. I realized I was put on this Earth to do more than survive.”

Beth’s “Pop-Alachian” sound is a cross-over blend of country, bluegrass, pop and folk, a colorful variance where each element shines. Her silken, jazzy vocals are as delicate as a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, softly lilting over lush, acoustic instrumentation and stirring echoes of Southern hills into the smooth, caramel creamer of an uptown latte.

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